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On March 7th, the world’s largest shed hunt took place.  The first ever #ShedRally event was launched back in 2014 by Whitetail Properties and like wild fire, a little hashtag associated with this event, spread across the world.  Now, in its second year, #ShedRally has basically become a national holiday for more than just hardcore deer hunters and is supported by outdoor companies like Realtree,ScentLok, Buck Knives and your very own, Legendary Whitetails.

 Planning the Shed Antler HuntPlanning out the day’s shed hunting mission.

CEO of Whitetail Properties, Dan Perez, puts it like this,

“The #ShedRally hashtag let’s us show the world in real-time, how proud we are of our outdoor lifestyle.  Finding antlers isn’t nearly as important as enjoying a walk outside with your family and friends and connecting with other people who love the outdoors. It is truly the world’s largest shed hunt.”

This is exactly the reason Legendary Whitetails wanted to help spread the #ShedRally campaign!

“It embodies everything Legendary Whitetails stands for as a company.  Deer antlers…check.   Sharing in the great outdoors with family and friends…check.  Exercising made fun…check.  Celebrating the hunt all year long…check.  What’s not to love about this event?  Oh yeah, it’s also free for everyone to enjoy,” said employee and shed hunting addict, AJ Gall.

Despite a heavy snowfall that dropped a thick blanket of snow across much of the Midwest just a few days prior, it did not stop the droves of people from accepting Mother Nature’s challenge . . . and “Challenge Accepted!” it was. Thousands of #ShedRally hashtags rained in with pictures of sheds, nature, family, friends, and selfies of people and their dogs searching for or showing off their antlers.  You can see all the best finds of the day here: Best #ShedRally Photos.

 Shed Rally PhotosSee all the best shed hunting photos from #ShedRally

Legendary Whitetails not only promoted the event, but joined in on the fun as well and hosted their first ever company-wide shed hunt. Over 40 staff members, family and friends loaded onto a bus and headed out to Marquette County, Wisconsin in search of some “white gold” dropped by the animal of which the company is named.

“It was a blast!” explained AJ, company coordinator of the event.  “As an avid hunter, I was skeptical about the number of rookie shed hunters that would give up one of their Saturdays to do something they never have done before.  Well, one announcement and sign-up sheet later, and I was booking a bus when I thought 3 or 4 vehicles would have sufficed.  Pretty cool to see the strong interest in a hunting related activity.”

Other than the snow covered ground, the weather cooperated.  “It was probably the warmest day of the year, so being outside wasn’t much of a problem.  The snow on the other hand, was,” explained AJ.  “I’m sure there were a few sheds that went unnoticed due to the snow, but we still managed to find a few.”

Check out what we found below:

Although #ShedRally was technically March 7th, there’s still time to participate because for most, shed hunting isn’t just a one day event, it’s an entire season.  So keep on sharing your finds throughout the spring using the #ShedRally hashtag and be sure to join the hunt next year!

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