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Since its establishment in 1999, Legendary Whitetails has continually grown year after year due to a highly passionate customer base.  Keeping up with the needs of an ever-growing company has been a continual process as more inventory, more staff, and more space are needed every year.  What once operated out of a small office, has since grown to operate out of a 77,000 square foot building deemed the company headquarters in Slinger, Wisconsin.  The headquarters include corporate offices, a distribution center, and warehousing.

After building additions in 2010 and 2012, Legendary Whitetails had outgrown the working capacity of the building again in 2014, thus, another expansion was necessary to fulfill future demands.  Expansion projects wrapped up during the summer of 2015 and included adding 12,000 square feet of floor space to the warehouse, and a second mezzanine office (3,000 sq. feet).

Simply put, the convenience of adding additional space far outweighed the costs of the expansion.

Expansion Pictures

Legendary Whitetails Warehouse ExpansionOutside view of the 2015 warehouse expansion at Legendary Whitetails headquarters.

Legendary Whitetails Warehouse ExpansionTwo additional loading docks were added during the expansion.

Legendary Whitetails Warehouse ExpansionAdditional floor space allows Legendary Whitetails to carry more awesome products and inventory.

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Legendary Whitetails is the apparel brand that lets you celebrate the hunt, every day of the year.  Embodying more than just the passion for the hunt, Legendary Whitetails is about sharing a connection with other hunters.  It’s about reliving and remembering the feeling you had from the hunt, alone in nature or with family and friends.


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