Legendary Whitetails Blog Contributor, Steve Sorensen, Wins Again

Steve Sorensen

Last year outdoor writer Steve Sorensen won a top outdoor writer award for a blog he contributed to Legendary Whitetails called The Nun’s World Famous Deer Hunt.” This year he won the top blog award for another contribution to Legendary Whitetails. The Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association recognized Sorensen at their annual conference on April 7 in historic Frederick, Maryland.

Sorensen won in three award categories out of seven, two first place awards and one second, for work published in 2017. His First Place Blog Entry Award was for “Is This the Most Legendary Whitetail of All Time? published January 12, 2017 on the Legendary Whitetails website. The article reveals some amazing facts behind one of the most interesting and historic deer ever. It’s the largest whitetail on record from 1830 to 1870, killed in McKean County, PA.

Arthur Young Buck in Pennsylvania Game News - Oldest buck in Boone and Crockett Record Book

Sorensen’s other First Place Award was the Wheeler Johnson Memorial Award for Best Newspaper Article for “The Wrong Hands for Guns.”  The article aimed at firearms safety, reminding readers that, “In the proper hands, a firearm is a tool that can bring challenge and enjoyment. In the wrong hands, it can bring suffering and tragedy.”

Sorensen also collected Second Place in the Talbot Denmead Memorial Award for the best article on Conservation and/or the Environment, with his 2-part report on Chronic Wasting Disease.

Sorensen is a contributor to national and regional magazines and contributes to blogs for Legendary Whitetails and Havalon Knives. His newspaper column, The Everyday Hunter®, appears regularly in several newspapers.  He also speaks frequently at sportsman’s shows and church-sponsored sportsman’s banquets. In 2015 the Professional Outdoor Media Association honored Sorensen with the national “Pinnacle Award.”

Sorensen lives in Russell, PA with his wife Barbara, and miniature groundhog dog Remy. For more information about Steve, his writing and his speaking, go to The Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association covers Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia and focuses on writing, photography, art, radio and television broadcast, video, and the internet. For information about M-DOWA, go to

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About The Author
Steve Sorenson

Steve Sorensen

Steve Sorensen came into the world of outdoor writing late, but was quickly recognized when his newspaper column The Everyday Hunter® was named “Best Newspaper Column” three times by the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association. Topping off a long list of awards, the national “Pinnacle Award” for outdoor writing went to him in 2015.

He has published features in major magazines, including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Deer and Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, Pennsylvania Game News, and many more. He is the content editor for the Havalon Knives blog, and speaks frequently at sportsman’s dinner ministries and other outdoorsman type events.


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