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November 20, 2014 – Today marks a historic anniversary amongst the hunting community.  The iconic Jordan Buck was harvested exactly 100 years ago from today.  The story that followed that day is unmatched and is truly what makes this buck the Legend of all Legends.  For Legendary Whitetails’ founder Larry Huffman, it was one of his absolute favorite bucks in the Legendary Whitetails Collection.

The story of Mr. Jordan’s hunt and the bizarre events that followed can all be found in the latest Legendary Whitetails Blog and Jordan Buck Timeline.

As for what this particular Legendary Whitetail means to the company, owner Greg Huffman had this to say,

“It was just about 20 years ago (1992) that my father [Larry Huffman] purchased the James Jordan Buck from Dr. Chuck Arnold.  Dr Arnold lived on the west coast and had owned the Jordan Buck for almost 30 years.  Dad was passionate that such an important piece of Wisconsin history should be brought back to Wisconsin.  And, after all these years in a private collection Dad felt Wisconsin hunters should have the opportunity to marvel at this amazing trophy.  After acquiring Dr. Arnold’s collection, Dad set about three tasks; planning for a permanent home for the mount, marketing a nationwide tour, and publishing a book spotlighting the rich history of Deer Hunting.”

Legendary Whitetails’ founder Larry Huffman details the storied past of the Jordan Buck 

Huffman went on to explain, “As Dad’s collection of trophy whitetails grew, it became the “Legendary Whitetails.”  Dad leveraged his interest in sharing the rich history of white-tailed deer hunting with his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for responsible and ethical hunting to lay the foundation for the company we have become today.”

The Jordan Buck and the Hole-in-the-Horn Buck are the two cornerstone whitetails of which this company was founded.  It is no wonder why the awe inspiring mounts are the first thing you see when you walk through the front doors of Legendary Whitetails corporate office and are indeed, statement pieces.

While the Jordan Buck holds a higher level of importance to Legendary Whitetails, the story and celebration is also garnering mainstream media attention across the country. Below you can find other content and events dedicated to the most perfect 10 point buck of all-time. Also, a Jordan Buck exclusive has been running on the Sportsman Channel the entire month of November and not to mention a fantastic song dedicated to the buck.

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