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As a proud sponsor of many local community initiatives, Legendary Whitetails has helped pass on the tradition of the outdoor experience once again.   The company proudly sponsored 20 kids to attend Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Camp in Slinger, Wisconsin.  Each year the camp partners with individuals and businesses to provide a completely free camp experience to every child who wants to attend.  In only its second year of operation, the outdoor adventure camp has grown from a one week long camp during 2014, to four weeks long this summer, and has plans to eventually run the entire summer.

Cedar Springs Adventure Camp provides a Christ centered atmosphere to kids from all over Southeastern Wisconsin and what better place to do so than on a pristine 38 acres of wilderness.  The camp overstretches a beautiful landscape of rolling hills and has eight separate stations located throughout the grounds, all of which are focused around outdoor skills and activities.  The stations include:

  1. Backwoods Skills – Where they learn different survival skills like rope tying and how to build a shelter.Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Camp | Legendary Whitetails

  2. Fire Building – Where they learn how to build and start a fire as well as how to cook over it.Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Camp | Legendary Whitetails

  3. Archery – Where they learn about the equipment and how to shoot a bow and arrow.Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Camp | Legendary Whitetails

  4. Farm in Action – Where they get to ride horses and learn about different farm animals.Cedar Springs Outdoor Adventure Camp | Legendary Whitetails

  5. Games – Where they burn off some energy and engage in some very creative group games.

  6. Nature – Where they learn about wildlife and plants in a hands-on manner.

  7. Crafts – Where they bring out their artistic side and create cool projects.

  8. Guest Speaker – Where a different guest comes in and teaches them about their career and the outdoors.

All in all, it’s a great camp run by a terrific staff, and one that Legendary Whitetails was proud to be a part of!  Check it out here!

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