HELP: ND Game and Fish Looking for Info on Apparent Deer Poaching Incident

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The following is a statement from the North Dakota Game and Fish Department:

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department recently obtained the accompanying video (CAUTION: This video contains some graphic images and language) and is releasing it to the public and media in an effort to get more information on this event, and to identify the individuals involved in an apparent illegal killing of a whitetail buck. Based on current information, the incident took place during the fall of 2016 on the north side of the Cannonball River west of the ND Highway 1806 bridge over the Cannonball, in the vicinity of the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camps.

This raw, unedited video is approximately 7 minutes long and shows several individuals pulling a whitetail buck that was struggling in the river, to the shore and apparently killing it by stabbing it, and then holding its nose in the mud to suffocate it.

Anyone with information on the possible identity of any individual in this video, or any other information, is urged to contact the Game and Fish enforcement division at 701-328-6604, or call the Report All Poachers hotline at 800-472 2121, or email RAP calls are anonymous, and can lead to rewards for information that leads to convictions.

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