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Do you find yourself dreaming of a white-tailed Christmas?  If so, you’re not alone.  It may not come as a surprise, but many of our Christmas preparations and traditions here at Legendary Whitetails often revolve around deer hunting and the outdoors.  Since we love spreading the Christmas Spirit, we wanted to share a list of our favorite deer hunting inspired traditions with every Legendary hunter out there.  Go now and have yourself a Legendary Christmas!


The Hunt for the Hidden Jerky Ornament

Ever heard of the Christmas Pickle? Evidently, there is a very old German tradition that a pickle was the last ornament hung on the Christmas tree and then the first child to find the pickle got an extra present. But we’re hunting families, and we love venison, so we replaced the pickle with deer jerky.  Best part is, the jerky is the extra present! Just make sure Uncle Jimmy doesn’t find it before the kids…

Christmas Pickle | Christmas Jerky

Shed Antler Christmas Tree

Got a bunch of shed antlers laying around? Since we know you are always out in the woods, our guess is you do! Why not create a new Christmas tradition where you spend some time with loved ones creating a Christmas decoration that combines your two favorite times of the year: hunting and the holidays! It takes some time and patience, but hunters already know those all too well, so get creative and have some fun with it. Add some lights and ornaments. We’ve seen ones of all sizes, from countertop displays to full 8-foot trees! Just start stacking them with the base of the antler in the center, form a cone shape as you go up, and take a picture of your antlered work of art. We’d love to see it!

Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

Looking for a way to add some color and character to your Christmas décor this holiday season?  Look no further than that pile of empty shotgun shells you’ve got laying in the basement!  Shotgun shells come in a variety of different colors making them the perfect complement to a set of white Christmas lights.  Simply place an empty shotgun shell over each individual light and fold the crimped edge over to keep the light in place.  Once you finish, hang and enjoy!

Shotgun Shell Christmas Lights

Build a Gingerbread Deer Camp

For most of us, our annual pilgrimage to deer camp has come and gone already, and now we yearn to be back in that special place.  We’ve got a way to help you stop sulking around and get you back to the place you love!  What better way to relive those deer camp memories than to build a replica gingerbread “deer camp”.  Once the rest of your hunting party sees it sitting on the bar you’ll all be taken back to the most wonderful time of year – DEER CAMP!

Gingerbread Hunting Cabin

Build a Snowbuck

Who doesn’t like to play in the snow?  This year let’s take Frosty’s top hat off and put some antlers on his head instead.  That’s right, instead of Frosty the Snowman let’s make Chuck the Snowbuck!  Simply make your standard 3 ball snowman and dress the head with a pair of sheds.  If you really want to challenge your snow sculpting abilities, pack the snow into the shape of an actual deer and fix it with some whitetail headgear!

Snowman with antlers

The Hunting Santa

Who told you Santa didn’t hunt?  What, just because he has his own fleet of deer, you think he doesn’t like to hunt for some venison every now and then?  Truth is Santa loves him some fresh protein.  Heck, he’d take a slice of deer jerky any day over those sugar cookies you leave by the fireplace.  So how about this year you put Santa where he really wants to be . . . in a treestand!  Have some fun with it and set up one of those lighted deer decorations to really set the scene.  Trust us, every holiday is better with a little hunting humor.

Santa Hunting from a Treestand

Decorate a Deer Mount

It’s practically inevitable, once your wife starts decorating for Christmas she just can’t stop.  Soon enough a light bulb will go off and before you know it, she’ll have your 10 point buck from 1995 wearing a Santa Clause hat and a red nose.  When it’s Christmas, everything is fair game for decorating. . . even your deer mounts.  Instead of fighting it, help her adorn your trophies with lights, ornaments, and a Santa hat.   Just be thankful they get a spot in the living room in the first place.

Christmas Decorated Deer Mount with Ornaments

Magic Reindeer Feed

If you’re going to leave a treat for Santa then you better leave a treat for his fleet.  This little Christmas activity will really get the kiddos excited and put some holiday spirit in the air.  First, gather up the appropriate reindeer food ingredients – 1 cup of oatmeal, ½ cup of sugar, 3 crushed candy canes, and ¼ cup colored sprinkles (red and green).  Once you have the SECRET ingredients have the kids help you mix them together.  As they mix, have them close their eyes and make a wish.  Then on Christmas Eve have the kids sprinkle them out in the yard for Santa’s reindeer to enjoy.

Reindeer Feed

Cook Up a Wild Game Dinner

Christmas ham? Boring!!  Instead, dig on into the meat freezer, pull out the crockpot, and cook up a delicious venison roast!  We hunt to feed our families, so why wouldn’t we feed them the best tasting meat for a special Christmas dinner?  If you don’t know what wild game recipe to cook just visit our Recipe Page or click on the picture below and you’ll have hundreds of wild game favorites to choose from!

Wildgame Recipe

Spotlighting for Santa

Here’s a Christmas tradition I’d love to pass on from my family of hunters to yours and we call it spotlighting for Santa.  Of course, this tradition depends on whether or not it is legal to shine in your specific state, county, or township.  Basically, this was and still is our way of getting all the little kids out of the house on Christmas Eve during our family Christmas.  You tell the kids you’re going to go looking for Santa and they all pile in the car.  While you’re driving around looking for a red flashing light in the sky, shine the fields to look for deer.  Meanwhile, back at home, a few adults are hustling around trying to get all the presents under the tree before the kids return.  Once they return, the kids will be full of excitement from not only seeing a giant buck but also spotting Santa’s sleigh up in the sky.  But that’s not the best part.  The best part comes when they see all of the presents under the tree and know Santa must have come . . . priceless!

Looking for Santa Clause

Bake Christmas Buck Cookies

You’re a hunter, therefore an adventurer, thus you like to go off the beaten path, which is precisely why you should decorate DEER COOKIES for Christmas this year!  Everybody always decorates the same old cookie designs year after year, why not be different?  Bake a buck cookie this year by using a big buck cookie cutter or simply drawing a deer with an icing pen.  We’re willing to be that those will be the first ones to come off the cookie platter this Christmas.

Deer Cookie Cutter

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

The holiday season is indeed a wonderful time of the year!  People are jolly, cities are bright with beautiful lights, and friends and families come together to share and celebrate Christmas.  We hope that some of these holiday traditions and activities will spread through hunting families near and far and spread joy across the country.  From all of us here at Legendary Whitetails, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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