Gear Up For a Wild Wisconsin Hunting Season

AJ Gall

Deer hunting in Wisconsin is all about tradition, and as a Wisconsin company, Legendary Whitetails is no different.  We are deeply rooted in Wisconsin deer hunting heritage, going all the way back to our founder’s passion to hunt, collect, and share the stories of the most incredible whitetails to ever roam the planet. As we seek to keep the torch burning bright some 60+ years later, we invite you to check out the all-new Wild Wisconsin web series.  This new series was produced by our friends at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and has everything you need to prepare for your next deer hunt.

Whether you are looking for new places to hunt, are in search of some new wild game recipes, or simply need to brush up on the rules and regulations – Wild Wisconsin has it all!

Born from the wild woods and waters of the Badger State, Legendary Whitetails is the official apparel sponsor of Wild Wisconsin and joins a short list of other Wisconsin hunting companies (including Vortex Optics and Mayville Engineering Company) to help promote the new series. In addition to sponsoring the series, our very own die-hard Wisconsin whitetail hunters, AJ Gall and Hayden Krimmer, offer up some helpful gear tips and hunting strategies for the DIY public land hunter.

With nine short segments in all, you can watch whenever it’s convenient for you.  The fun doesn’t stop there, as there are nine Off the Record podcasts covering everything from public land hunting tips to choosing the right hunting gear. This podcast gives you a more in-depth look at all things deer.

Wild Wisconsin Episodes


“Off the Record” podcasts

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About The Author
From Woods to Table

AJ Gall

AJ Gall's prior hunting and wildlife experiences began long ago and make him the perfect contributing deer hunting guru.  As a habitat consultant under Dr. Grant Woods, AJ has worked on properties in 13 different states, amassing over 25,000 acres of quality deer management. He now uses that knowledge to help clients find their dream hunting properties as a licensed real estate agent in Wisconsin.  


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