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Dove season has arrived and we know you’re anxious to get out there. But before you rush off, take a minute to make sure that you’re fully prepared. At least six species of doves call various parts of the country home and while you’re hunting, you’ll need to keep an eye out for one, the Zenaida macroura.

Migratory Bird Licensing and Seasons

Commonly known as the mourning dove, it’s the one most hunters aim for this time of year. Many states’ final seasons of the year are set to end in January. You’ll need to contact your local Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division now and get a Migratory Bird Harvest permit or miss out.

Best Places to Find America’s Mourning Doves

The permit isn’t the only thing you’ll need to be successful this dove hunting season. If you hope to reach the state’s daily bag limit, finding the best manipulated, agricultural and fallow fields is crucial. A good way to start is scanning the DNR’s Dove Hunting Season Forecast. They’re available online.

In general, the birds tend to congregate in shrubs, trees, and other areas that afford them natural cover. However, they will also sit in plain sight, especially when feeding. Not considered very picky, they tend to favor trees that change color in the autumn as well as evergreens. Look for roost trees near food sources in the form of dead trees or leafless trees that allow for an easy perch and view.  Setting up near an ag field that offers some sort of grain, be it corn or sunflowers, and you’ll likely be in for a frenzy of shooting.

Best Dove Hunting Camo for Autumn

Doves are notorious ground feeders and tend to be most active after lunch. They are also exceptionally adept at picking up on signals. So if you do decide to visit one of our nation’s hunting grounds in search of a bag full, bring a comfortable camp chair or water-resistant ground cover with you. Chances are you’ll be staying still for a while. Suitable camo will be needed as well.

Remember, daytime temperatures in much of the south tend to reach the low 70’s and upper 60’s this time of year. Therefore, you’ll want lightweight camo that will blend in with the area’s sunflower and wheat fields. We’d suggest going with a field pattern that sports a good deal of browns. Northerners and those in the Midwest may opt to go with camo that has a bit more insulation of course.  The removable liner of the HuntGuard system makes it the perfect hunting jacket for all seasons of hunting.

Additional Dove Hunting Essentials

Because temperatures are likely to remain rather warm in some parts of the nation, it’s important to bring an ice-filled cooler and sharp hunting knife with you too. The act of field dressing is encouraged in most states, so feel free to dress your birds on the spot.

To learn more about these essentials and dove hunting season in general, please contact Legendary Whitetails today. We’ve got everything dove hunters need and will ship to locations across the nation.

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