Designing a Killer Food Plot

Many hunters believe in the saying, “Plant it, and they will come.”  While this may be true some of the time, it’s not necessarily the right way to think about food plots.  Often, we food plotters simply plant nutritious deer forage in locations where it’s easy and convenient for US . . . not necessarily the DEER.  These spots may include power and gas line openings, field edges, old grassy spots, or just about any place that’s on our hunting property and void of trees.    While there is no harm in this, these spots are not always ideal hunting locations.

There’s a big difference between a destination feeding plot and a killing/bow hunting plot.  The two main differences are usually size and location.  It’s not to say a destination plot can’t be a killing plot, but generally speaking, a feeding plot is usually more than two acres in size, while a killing plot is typically under an acre.  It’s actually probably closer to ¼ acre to promote close encounters for bow hunting.

In this short video, we discuss how to create the ultimate killing food plot by implementing several key techniques that you can use on your very own food plots no matter where your hunting property is.  You’ll see how we use a combination of trails, self-placed barriers, and nearby habitat to make one killer food plot setup.


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