Deer Food Plot Placement

The placement of a food plot is essential to yield good success. Deer behavior and movement will change as the seasons change. Understanding the deer movement throughout the year on your property will be a huge asset to the success of your food plots. This is a year-round activity in which your trail cameras will be your best friend. Be sure to get a good understanding of the deer behavior throughout the hunting season, and come up with a game plan when you want to target deer feeding from your plot. This will help to determine the proper placement. Sometimes placement of a plot is not something you need to decide on due to the fact there might only be a couple of options. Again, use the option available to you during the time of year that particular area is being traveled the most. Trying to force deer to a particular area of your land during a part of the season they normally do not travel will yield poor results. The saying “plant it and they will come” may not always hold true especially if the plot of not in a deer’s normal travel.

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