Concealed Carry Permit Holder Dispatches Car-Hit Albino Buck

AJ Gall

Washington County, WI – An albino deer that was frequently seen near the Holy Hill area in Richfield, WI was hit by a car on Highway 167 during Tuesday afternoon on January 12th

Aside from this being an albino deer, you may be saying to yourself why am I reading this or who cares? Well, this is where it gets interesting and at least at the moment there may be a glimpse of hope in this world for common sense law. 

Merlin the Albino White-tailed buckThe photos of “Merlin” above were taken near Hwy. 167 by Sven Schmied on November 6, 2014.

As per a report from the Washington County Insider, shortly after the deer was a hit by a car, a passerby stopped when he noticed the injured deer on the side of the road – the man was a local, 75-year-old Concealed Carry permit holder from the town of Erin, WI.  If you’re decent with context clues, you can probably guess what happens next.

As a concerned citizen, the man knew what needed to be done in order to stop any further suffering to the albino deer, so him and another local resident dispatched the ailing deer with two shots from the man’s pistol.

By the time authorities arrived, the deer was deceased.

Washington County Insider also reports:

“Through the investigation, authorities determined the two subjects discharged the weapon in a safe direction and off the roadway.   Both individuals were advised of the statutory obligations of discharging a weapon while on the lands of another under 941.20(d). Washington County investigators determined not to pursue any further law enforcement action.”

Now I’m sure there are some obvious violations that may have occurred, but let’s give it up to the Washington County Sheriff who understood that common sense and good judgement were at play here and the man did the right thing.

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