Blaze Pink: One step closer

AJ Gall

Madison, WI – Back in the spring we reported the possibility of Blaze Pink becoming a legalized color for hunters to wear during the Wisconsin gun deer season.  As of yesterday, the proposed bill is one step closer to becoming a reality in the Wisconsin deer woods.  On Wednesday, the Assembly’s Natural Resource and Sporting Heritage Committee passed the bill on a 14-1 vote.  It must undergo the approval of the entire state Assembly before becoming a legalized color of hunting apparel in Wisconsin.

If passed, Wisconsin would be the first state in which blaze pink joins blaze orange as legal colors to gun hunt in.  The bill could take effect as early as 2016.

Recently I sat down to talk with our Director of Merchandise, Mitch Huffman, about what this decision could potentially mean for future development of  Legendary Whitetails apparel.

AJ: Do you think Blaze Pink would help recruitment numbers, specifically women? 

MH: If it doesn’t help recruitment, it is a bold reminder that deer hunting is not only for men. Women are just as passionate as men when it comes to getting out into the field, which is why Legendary Whitetails produces over 200 products that are geared towards the female hunter.

AJ: Will Legendary Whitetails jump on the blaze pink train immediately?

MH: With Legendary Whitetails being a national brand, it makes it very difficult to make an investment which caters to the Wisconsin Hunter, specifically.  In my opinion, if other states see that Blaze Pink is increasing women’s license sales it will quickly spread.

AJ: Would this be a merchandising avenue you’d consider?

MH: Absolutely, it needs to be considered. We have seen pink as a very popular color over the years for women. If women want to wear pink in the woods, we will give them pink.

To read more about the science behind the safety of blaze pink for hunters check out our previous blog – “Blaze Pink- The Newest Deer Hunting Color”.

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