Blaze Pink is Now a Legal Hunting Color in Wisconsin

AJ Gall

It’s official, Wisconsin will have a new color in the deer woods this fall.  After several months of pushing its way through legislature, the “Blaze Pink for Hunting Proposal” finally landed on Governor Walker’s desk and the bill was signed into approval.  You can read the 2015 Assembly Bill 291 here.

Wisconsin is now the first state to allow a color other than blaze orange as an acceptable alternative to wear during gun deer season.  Currently, any Wisconsin gun deer hunter must be wearing at least 50% blaze orange clothing while hunting.  The new bill will now allow any hunter to meet the recommended 50% coverage with either blaze orange or the new blaze pink … or perhaps both if that’s your style.

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With the bill now passed, I sat down to talk with our Director of Merchandise, Mitch Huffman, about what this decision could potentially mean for future development of Legendary Whitetails apparel.

AJ: Do you think Blaze Pink would help recruitment numbers, specifically women?

MH: If it doesn’t help recruitment, it is a bold reminder that deer hunting is not only for men. Women are just as passionate as men when it comes to getting out into the field, which is why Legendary Whitetails produces over 200 products geared towards the female hunter.

AJ: Would this be a merchandising avenue Legendary would consider?

MH: Absolutely, it needs to be considered. We have seen pink as a very popular color over the years for women. If women want to wear pink in the woods, we will give them pink.


The bill was brought forth as an effort to cater to the growing number of women who are participating in hunting.  While most accept the bill as harmless and a positive step to include women, many women have called it sexist.

In the end, science deemed blaze pink equally, if not, more visible than the traditional blaze orange.  Wisconsin is the first state to approve blaze pink as an alternative hunting color, which states will be next?

Let us know what you think:

If you are from Wisconsin, are you in favor of this decision?

Do you want blaze pink in your state?

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