Biggest Bucks of 2016

AJ Gall

Oh, what a year it was!  With 2016 coming to an end, we wanted to take a look back at the top bucks taken by Legendary Whitetail hunters all across America.  During the 2016 hunting season, records were broken and legends were born.  Trust us, you’re going to want to take a few moments to scroll through the Biggest and Best Bucks of 2016!

The Tucker Buck

Stephen Tucker's Giant World Record Buck | Tennessee 2016

Photo Credit: The Blade
Hunter: Stephen Tucker
Location: Sumner County, Tennessee
Score: Green Gross 313 2/8 inches, Net 308 3/8 inches

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Conley’s Kentucky Velvet Buck

Denny Conley's Giant Buck | Kentucky 2016

Hunter: Denny Conley Jr.
Location: Rowan County, Kentucky
Score: Green Gross 204 inches

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Josh Kraus Buck

Josh Kraus' Giant Buck | Ohio 2016

Hunter: Josh Kraus
Location: Morrow County, Ohio
Score: Unofficial Green Gross 218 inches; Net 201 inches

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Mark Drury Buck

Mark Drury's Giant Buck | Iowa 2016

Hunter: Mark Drury
Location: Somewhere in Iowa
Score: Green Gross 217 2/8 inches

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Brent Boney Buck

Brent Boney Buck | Virginia 2016

Hunter: Brent Boney
Location: Greensville County, Virginia
Score: Unknown: 31-points

Jim Wackler Buck

Jim Wackler with his giant MN record buck shot in Howard Lake

Photo Credit: Joe’s Sport Shop
Hunter: Jim Wackler
Location: Howard Lake, Minnesota
Score: Green Gross 270 inches

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John’s Massive Wisconsin Buck

Jon's Giant Trempeleau County, Wisconsin Buck | 2016

Hunter: John
Location: Trempeleau County, Wisconsin
Score: Green Gross 225+ inches Non-typical

Austin Pontier Buck

Austin Pontier's Giant Buck | Iowa 2016

Hunter: Austin Pontier
Location: Osceola, Iowa
Score: Unknown – speculated 200+

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Shannon Sledge Buck

Shannon Sledge's Giant Buck | Georgia 2016

Photo Credit: Georgia Outdoor News
Hunter: Shannon Sledge
Location: Worth County, Georgia
Score: Green Gross 195 inches

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Joe Reale Buck

Joe Reale's Giant Buck | New York 2016

Hunter: Joe Reale
Location: Niagara County, New York
Score: Unknown: Rumored at 220 inches

Darrel Collison Buck

Giant Missouri buck shot in 2016 by Darrell Collison

Hunter: Darrell Collison
Location: Charity, Missouri
Score: Green Gross – 220 4/8 inches

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Dustin Nichols Buck

Dustin Nichols Buck | Virginia 2016

Hunter: Dustin Nichols
Location: Huddleston, Virginia
Score: Unknown

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Derik Sieck Buck

Derik Sieck's Giant Buck | Iowa 2016
Hunter: Derik Sieck
Location: Fayette County, Iowa
Score: Unknown; Rumored at 305 inches gross green

Woody Moore Buck

Woody Moore's Giant Buck | Kentucky 2016

Hunter: Woody Moore
Location: Butler County, Kentucky
Score: Green Gross 205 inches

Josh Clark Buck

Josh Clark Giant Buck | Public Land Mississippi 2016

Photo Credit: The Clarion-Ledger
Hunter: Josh Clark
Location: Claiborne County, Mississippi (Public Land)
Score: Gross Green 200 inches

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Taylor Gates Buck

Giant Missouri Buck shot in 2016

Hunter: Taylor Gates
Location: Princeton, Missouri
Score: Green Gross 200+ inches

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Dan Ryan Buck

Giant Public Land Buck Shot in Wisconsin while Still hunting

Hunter: Dan Ryan
Location: Chippewa County, Wisconsin (Public Land)
Score: Green Gross 181 inches

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Caleb Byers Buck

Caleb Byers' Giant Buck | Iowa 2016

Photo Credit: Midwest Whitetail
Hunter: Caleb Byers
Location: Iowa
Score: Unknown

Earl Stubblefield Buck

Earl Stubblefield Buck | Mississippi 2016
Photo Credit: The Clarion-Ledger
Hunter: Earl Stubblefield
Location: Lafayette County, Mississippi
Score: Green Gross 180 7/8 inches; Net 179 1/8 inches

Mark Peecher Buck

Mark Preecher's Giant Buck | Ohio 2016

Hunter: Mark Peecher
Location: Ohio
Score: Green Gross 234 inches

Matt Ornes Buck

200" Giant Wisconsin Buck | Matt Ornes

Hunter: Matt Ornes
Location: Adams County, Wisconsin
Score: Green Gross 200 2/8 inches

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