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AJ Gall

As a die-hard hunter, taxidermy has always fascinated me.  It is unlike any other form of art – every animal is a new canvas with a new story, new emotion, and a new setting.  If done properly, the intricate details come together to bring that animal back to life.  Done out of respect for the game we harvested, the finished mount stands as a means to relive and retell the story of the hunt to all those willing to listen.  As I wandered the internet looking for the coolest deer mounts of the web, I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of stories accompanied these unbelievable works of taxidermy.

5 Mind-Blowing Deer Mounts With Whitetail Bucks:

1 – Look out below! 

Taxidermy mount of a whitetail buck jumping over a railing

What an awesome mount!  Such a unique way to incorporate the structure of your house into a real life scene.

2 – Knock-down Drag-out Fight. 

Taxidermy deer mount depicting two bucks fighting

There was a lot of custom body formation that went into creating this ultra-real fighting scene!

3 – Mess with the bull and you get the horns. 

Taxidermy mount of an elk fending off a wolf

Talk about capturing a moment…it looks like a freeze frame taken straight out of a National Geographic film!

4 – Family Matters. 

Family of Deer Mounted Together

Although it depicts a scene that’s highly unlikely to happen in nature, this taxidermist made it work.

5 – November Knockout! 

Taxidermy mount of two whitetail bucks fighting

A November brawl is a spectacle I wish upon every whitetail hunter.  This piece lets you relive that moment every single day.

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