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If you had millions of dollars, what would you spend it on? A new 4×4 pickup? Your dream deer camp? 200+ acres of land for you and your very best hunting buddies (which will be everyone you know)?

At Legendary Whitetails, we can’t spend that kind of money… but we can give it away. And we’ve decided to put it toward the one thing we love most: HUNTING. Specifically, hunters. More specifically, you. So if you’re hunting this year (we know you are), we’ve got you covered. Just show us your 2018 deer hunting license and we’ll send you $25 in Legendary “bucks” to help cover the costs.

Yep. That easy. Honest to goodness, nothing but the truth. When the money’s gone, it’s gone. But we’ll know there are going to be a lot more happy hunters out there and that’s what we’re all about – Celebrating the Hunt. So help us spread the word (and wealth) to every hunter, and soon-to-be hunter, so everyone can join in the celebration this year.




Starting 9/17 we officially kick off our“Hunt on Us” campaign!  A two-month initiative designed to help curb annual hunting costs and honor hunters nationwide. We are offering givebacks up to $1 million of deer hunting license costs to hunters across the United States. Customers who purchase a deer hunting license are now eligible to submit their license to Legendary Whitetails online at, in exchange for $25 in Legendary “Bucks” to spend at

“Like most passions, hunting is an investment,” said Greg Huffman, President of Legendary Whitetails.  “Today’s hunters are spending upwards of $2,000 every year on hunting. While license costs are only a small piece of that, license sales are a major component of the state’s conservation budget.  With urban sprawl and an aging population eroding hunting participation, the “Hunt on Us” campaign is our way of eliminating one small barrier, support conservation and connect with hunters in a more meaningful way. “Hunt on Us” enables hunters to reinvest a sunk cost into something they might need or want this season. Whether they’re treating themselves to new gear or gifting something to a loved one for the holidays, our brand helps hunters take the woods with them, wherever they go.”

Once a license is submitted, the corresponding email addresses will be validated, and the license checked for authenticity.  Upon confirmation, customers will be emailed an electronic promo card for use on a subsequent Legendary Whitetails’ purchase. The provided promotional dollars have no purchase restrictions beyond a December 19, 2018 expiration date. The campaign will conclude on Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018.

The offer is available to all deer hunting license purchasers within the United States. Giveback eligibility is open to both in-state and out-of-state licenses.  Individual hunters may submit one (1) license prior to the conclusion of the campaign. Legendary Whitetails will limit the giveback program to $1 million of promotional value, regardless of state of submission.  View official Press Release.

See our president Greg Huffman (and special guest @reedthedeer) talk about the Hunt On Us giveback during “The Morning Blend“:


Help us promote hunting by spreading the word about – We want to help as many hunters as we can, but we can’t do it without your help!

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