A Tribute to Chris Kyle

AJ Gall

His military brethren called him “The Legend”, and rightfully so, because a legend never dies . . . a legend lives on. Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle, lives on in the hearts of his family.  He lives on in the hearts of friends and loved ones.  He lives on in the hearts of his comrades amongst the battlefield.  And he lives on in the hearts of complete strangers.  This is “The Legend” that is Chris Kyle.

Chris and Taya KyleChris and Taya Kyle (Photo Credit: Oregon Live)

The most lethal sniper in US history” are the words used all too often to describe him.  What about “protector of hundreds” or “loving family man” or how about “one hell of a deer hunter?”  Those certainly all fit the bill when describing this true American hero.  He spent much of his life protecting his family, his country, his freedoms, and our freedoms.  Freedoms that allow us to live in a country where we can live our daily lives without constant fear.  A country where we have the right to bear arms and the right to use those arms to pursue wild game to feed our families.  Mr. Kyle loved to hunt, not because he was a trained killer, but rather because the serenity of being out in nature brought him peace.

Now, Taya Kyle, Chris’ widowed wife, hunts as a way of being with Chris.  In this short 3 minute video, Taya explains what hunting means to her and so many of us.  I’ve hunted my whole life and have never found a way to put just what hunting means to me into words, as she has here.

If you haven’t read anything above, please still watch.  You owe it to this country and those who protect it to watch this powerful video.

As hunters, we thank you Taya.  Thank you for your family’s sacrifice. Thank you servicemen and servicewomen.  Thank you first responders.  Thank you for choosing such self-sacrificing positions for your careers.  Americans are forever indebted to you all.

Chris Kyle Day 02.02.2017

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