2016 Hunting Season Dates for Each State

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The days are growing short, the nights are getting chilly, and the leaves are turning every shade of red, yellow, orange, and brown. This can only mean one thing — hunting season is here. To help you plan your upcoming outing, here is your 2016 Hunting Calendar. To see the details for each state, simply click the name of the state you’re interested in.

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2016 Hunting Season Dates

  • Alabama – The earliest date listed for deer is for bowhunting, and it begins October 15. Muzzleloader season starts November 15, followed closely by stalk/dog hunting which starts November 19. Click on the link to see dates for all game including rabbit, dove, quail and turkey.
  • Alaska – From how to identify which animals are legal to kill, to the 144-page hunting regulations booklet, this link has a lot of useful information if you’re planning on an Alaskan hunting adventure.
  • Arizona – Here you will find a link to a tag application form, a general hunting regulations booklet, and specific regulations for the following hunts: antelope and elk, spring hunt, waterfowl, dove, sandhill cranes, and trapping.
  • Arkansas – Deer season opens September 24, for bow hunting. Muzzleloader season starts on October 15, and modern gun season begins November 12. For license fees, regulations, and complete details on dates and other game, just follow the link.
  • California – This link will give you information regarding wildlife regulations, hunting mammals and birds, as well as fishing. You can find license fees here as well.
  • Colorado – Big game, small game, waterfowl, mountain lion, and sheep — find all the dates and regulations about these hunts and more by clicking the provided link.
  • Connecticut – Bow hunting for deer began September 15 for most areas of the state. Some shotgun seasons begin November 16, but check the link for restrictions/details. If you do not have private land to hunt, you may have to participate in a tag lottery. A limited number of tags are given for particular areas here, so check out this page for more information.
  • Delaware – This page offers a ton of information about licenses, hunting maps, state regulations, and a hunting and trapping guide. Bow hunting (both archery and crossbow) for deer began September 1. Muzzleloaders can be used starting October 7, and shotgun season starts November 11.
  • Florida – There are four zones for this state, so you’ll have to check the details for your area. Archery season in Zone A has already passed, but not so for other zones. If you’re looking for a deer this season, you’ll need to purchase a $5 deer permit along with your hunting license.
  • Georgia – Bow hunting for deer and bear began September 10, while firearm season doesn’t start until October 22. Seasons for other weapons and game can be found on this link as well as all hunting regulations.
  • Hawaii – While a license is required to hunt in this state, to obtain said license you must present either a Hawaii Education Wallet Card or a letter of exemption. This link will take you to where you can fill out an exemption letter, and where you can find more information about hunting on each island.
  • Idaho – For bird, big game, moose, goat, and sheep, this link has all the information you’ll need to plan your Idaho hunting trip.
  • Illinois – From who can hunt, to where they can hunt, to what they can hunt and when — this link has all the information you’ll need.
  • Indiana – From this link, you can find information about regulations, licenses,  hunting seasons, and online services offered by the state.
  • Iowa – Depending on the area and desired game, some seasons have already started. This page will give you complete details for all the game and seasons.
  • Kansas – Turkey, deer, and birds — oh my! There are several types of game to hunt or trap in Kansas, and this link will give you all the dates, zones, and regulations you’ll need.
  • Kentucky – On this page, you can select your desired game and year, and find the specifics of that particular season.
  • Louisiana – Here you will find the 2016-2017 hunting regulations pamphlet.
  • Maine – Information about regulations, licenses, regions, and legal game is available on this link.
  • Maryland – From beaver to weasel, brant to woodcock, there are several seasons to take part in here. This page contains links for area maps, bagging limits, deer and bear hunting information, as well as how to report a poacher.
  • Massachusetts – The 2016 hunting, fishing, and trapping guide is now available for viewing.
  • Michigan – Here is the 2016 hunting season calendar along with the limited-license hunting calendar.
  • Minnesota – A lot of hunting seasons begin in September in Minnesota. This calendar lists all of them plus those for the upcoming months.
  • Mississippi – This page gives you all the legal game, their seasons, and all the different hunting areas. Deer season, using guns and dogs, begins November 19.
  • Missouri – All the various game and waterfowl along with hunting zones and approved weapons are shown on this state hunting calendar.
  • Montana – Here you will find any restrictions or closures that are currently in effect, trapping and hunting guides, and all necessary season dates.
  • Nebraska – From deer and antelope to lottery permit information, you’ll find it all listed here.
  • Nevada – You can find dates, regulations, and helpful information at this link.
  • New Hampshire – While some of the seasons are over for this state, others are just beginning (firearm season for deer begins November 9). Click the link to check them out.
  • New Jersey – Information about the various seasons, hunting on public lands, and all the regulations you’ll need are given here.
  • New Mexico – Here you can find special event dates, hunting season dates, and deadline information.
  • New York – Deer, bear, turkey, waterfowl, and others are listed on this calendar page.
  • North Carolina – You can find all the season dates here as well as a link to purchase your license and any necessary permits.
  • North Dakota – This page offers information on where you can hunt, what you can hunt, and when you can hunt it.
  • Ohio – Hunting dates, bag limits, and youth hunting information are available at this link.
  • Oklahoma – From information about hunting classes to controlled hunts to season dates, you’ll find it all here.
  • Oregon – This page lets you know what you can hunt when, and all of Oregon’s hunting regulations.
  • Pennsylvania – From deer to furbearers and everything in between, this page breaks down all the dates, zones, and bag limits for this year’s hunting seasons. Looks like bow hunting for deer opened up in some regions on September 17, and general firearm season will start December 26.
  • Rhode Island – Here are 43 pages of hunting and fishing regulations for the 2016-2017 season. Bow hunting for deer began September 15, and shotgun season starts December 5.
  • South Carolina – This page has links for information on various game, hunting regulations, and applications for items such as licenses and permits.
  • South Dakota – You can find all the necessary dates for big and small game alike on this page. Some seasons are already in full swing.
  • Tennessee – Bag limits, daily limits, and several hunting seasons are listed here. Bow hunting begins for deer in some regions on September 24. Gun season for deer starts November 19.
  • Texas – Several hunting seasons await you in the big state of Texas. Check this page for all legal game and when and where you can hunt them.
  • Utah This page offers an actual calendar with the allowed game listed on each day. You can click on a particular game for more information about it.
  • Vermont – If you’re looking for a bear this season, check out Vermont. Early season is open from September 1 through November 11.
  • Virginia – Find out what’s new this season, any regulations, and all the hunting dates on this page.
  • Washington – This page can help you locate a dealer to purchase your license from, allow you to download the 2016-17 hunting and fishing regulations, and gives you a ton of info about different game species and hunting rules.
  • West Virginia – You can download this year’s hunting and trapping guide from this page. There are also links for new changes taking place this season as well as dates and bag limits.
  • Wisconsin – Bow season for deer began September 17, while gun season opens up on November 19. Check out this page for all the details for this year’s hunting seasons.
  • Wyoming -This page has everything you’d want to know about hunting in Wyoming.

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