John O’Brion

John is the owner of Grandpa Ray Outdoors and has been a Wildlife and Ruminant nutritionist for 24 years. He is a crop adviser and seed specialist with over 24 years of experience in those areas as well. Nutrition starts with healthy soil, which results in healthy plants. Planting the right forages, at the right times, leads one to success. Everything starts with the soil…..

John’s previous two jobs lead him to realize there was a lot of misinformation and product selling in the wildlife industry, however, there was not enough education and added value going on in his opinion. Given his previous background, John wanted to give back to the industry – thus Grandpa Ray Outdoors was born.

Grandpa Ray Outdoors offers the next level of products and services for wildlife, food plots, and crops. All products use sound science and are top quality. G.R.O treats all their clients the same, whether you have a small plot or a thousand acres.

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